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From "Open Reception/Exhibition: Arthur Cadieux," Bangor Daily News, July 13, 2011

One of Maine’s most exciting Painters, Arthur Cadieux will be having a show of new works at the Nextdoor Gallery in downtown Eastport from July 15 until the 28th. There will be an open reception with the artist on Friday July 15th from 5-7pm. 

From "There's Something about Arthur Cadieux," Eastport Artwalk, March 18, 2010

When looking at Arthur's paintings from Raleigh, one could feel the heat and smell the steamy air; he could capture the southern essence and bring it to life on his canvases. Maine is different, and in his new surroundings, for a moment he was a bit confused. His bold and bright colors and his strong brush stokes, did not seem right at first, plus his poor health seemed to hamper him. Soon the energy and the power began to return, and now Arthur’s paintings reflect his feelings for his environment. 

From "Art in the Borderlands," by Kristen Andresen, Bangor Daily News, Sept. 11, 2007

… When Arthur Cadieux moved to the area from North Carolina, he found a community of artists with whom he could share ideas. The smell of oil paint and linseed oil fills the air of his living room, which doubles as his studio, and hulking canvases are propped up on every wall. Though some depict traditional Maine scenes, such as clam-digging, they do so in an entirely visceral way — thickly painted, gorgeously colored, thoroughly real.

"A lot of people portray Maine as idyllic, but I think it's a rough, tough place," Cadieux, a Belfast native, said. "Especially along the coast. It's tough to make a living. It's beautiful, but it's fierce." …


From "Gallery 170 offers 'Works on Paper'." Lincoln County Weekly, Dec. 1, 2005

A new exhibit, "Works on Paper," will open Friday, Dec. 2, at Gallery 170 in Damariscotta. … The group show includes artwork by Rino Bennici, Joseph Fiore, Kayla Mohammadi, John Lorence, Arthur Cadieux, Derek Glaser, Kathleen Mack, Mat O'Donnell, Winslow Myers, Nancy Freeman, Guy Williams, Stephanie Cramer, Francis Kidder and Susan Bartlett-Rice. Many of the artists have exhibited work at the gallery during its first year, while others are showing work there for the first time.

All of the works in the exhibition are on paper and, in contrast to the last show, "Black and White," are a celebration of color. The exhibition also offers an interesting mix of techniques and media. For example, Cadieux paints in oils on prepared paper, while Freeman specializes in color monotype prints. …




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